My Little Pony Games


With to the popularity of My Little televisions series, it is no wonder that my little pony games have become the favorite of the little audience and not only. The stars from the series will delight girls and boys of all ages, thanks to the well-written storyline, memorable characters and a plethora of quests and mini-games. The widespread popularity of Hasbro’s franchise has materialized in one of the best pony games one the market: Friendship is Magic. With lively animations, intelligent writing and many themes which are targeted at both young and mature audiences, fans will not be disappointed by this new game. It is true that today all people playng pokemon go and they looking for pokemon go hacks and cheats in order to become trainers in the game and rise much power:)

The plot

In this alternate world, the evil Nightmare Moon has managed to capture the equestrian city of Canterlot, throwing the land and its citizens under a shroud of darkness. Thankfully, Twinkle Sparkle and her loyal friend and assistant Sparkle manage to escape the capture, and they now have to rebuild Ponyville and gather forces in order to defeat the evil Nightmare Moon, to recover the lost Elements of Harmony and to cleanse the land from the darkness that has fallen upon it.

Getting into the game

With Twinkle Sparkle on your side, you will start rebuilding the town of Ponyville. You will have to construct buildings and shops, to recruit new ponies to come to your aid, and to collect bits, which are actually the game’s main currency. Only by leveling up and by building a stronger town and economy will you and Twinkle Sparkle be able to clear the land from the shadows that have beset it. Besides repairing buildings and renewing Ponyville, you also have to prepare for new arrivals and to welcome new guests. The shops you construct will be producing currency at regular intervals, and occasionally they will have the chance of dropping random element shards, which will be useful in reactivating the Elements of Harmony which are spread all across the map. This is because only after you have managed to activate all the elements will you be able to stand up to the evil Nightmare Moon and put an end to its malevolent rule.

Completing tasks and leveling up

Besides rebuilding Ponyville, you also have the Mane Six at your side, as Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity will help you by providing you with quests which need to be completed in order to advance through the game, level up and collect valuables. By completing the objectives that are given to you, you will be rewarded with stars which will not only increase your level, but by using them you will also be able to unlock more ponies and to receive more bits for your troubles. Most tasks require you to buy buildings, to gather a certain amount of bits or to collect specific element shards, which will be useful when trying to reactivate the Harmony Elements. Other chores might ask that you buy the proper decor for a building, or to harvest a certain amount of cherries of cooking or other resources.

You also have the possibility to use the shards dropped from buildings in order to eliminate parasprites which are occupying slots, or to clear trees and thorns that grow greater in size if they are left unchecked, respawning and filling your land plots if you are not careful.

Competing in minigames

Besides being busy managing Ponyville and leading ponies on adventures and missions, you also have a multitude of minigames at your disposal. These minigames might have you bouncing a ball back and forth between ponies, or to have a catch fresh fruits which are literally falling off trees. By completing these minigames, you will be able to fill the star ranking of your ponies, which will also allow you to earn more bits that are helpful in driving the economy of Ponyville. Although these minigames are engaging, they rarely last more than a minute, which are great for the short attention span of most children, giving them something to do while brokering their town and managing building and supplies.

In-game currency and in-app purchases

By improving the star ranking of your ponies, you will also be able to work on more interesting and rewarding jobs, and to earn more bits, which are the driving force of your entire town. The more buildings you build, the more they increase in cost and construction time. While you can skip the construction cooldowns or certain quests by spending gems, it is usually not recommended, as these gems are sometimes the only way to acquire specific ponies or perform other tasks. You can accumulate these gems by playing on a daily basis for a few months, or you can make app purchases or sign for various magazine subscriptions.

Final words

There are many other great aspects in the game as well. The voice acting is marvelous, and fits right into the atmosphere if the world. Ponies are also capable of interacting one with another, and they can also engage in other activities such as dancing or displaying their favorite hobbies.

There are many reasons why the my little pony game is so popular among small children, teenagers and even adults. The interactive world and the stars stay true to the TV series, and they will appeal to loyal fans and not only. With a complex management system, many interesting missions and engaging tasks to perform, you won’t get a chance to become bored while playing this great game.